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The watchmaker's craftsmanship is here-HIGH BRAND Hen-

When you decorate the space with the top class of the established brand,
The year of establishment of each of the different worlds of the cloud overhead brand naturally comes to mind,
Lange & Söhne 140 years, Patek Philippe 180 years
Breguet is 240 years, Audemars Piguet is 140 years,
Both are only large stores that easily exceed one century
Thanks to these long-established companies having survived this long
There is no doubt that modern watches have become a deeply interesting world



Not once a thousand years
Even after a thousand years
Saxonia Annual Carrender
Taiga drama of its founding 140 years. The company's website also describes the history of the Kingdom of Saxony 900 years.
This machine is a millennium crystal of German craftsman who has been engraved endlessly.
The finished product is disassembled and reassembled twice
I want to feel the effort and pride of the company from the degree of completion.
WG. Mechanical Automatic.



I have been making such things since the Edo period
The father of the watch is what I often said
Breguet's founding dates back to 1775.
The company has been accumulating beauty and skills for over 240 years.
This unit is equipped with GMT function. The drive is designed to be easy to see,
You can see the factory of wisdom that operates without interruption.
RG. Hand-rolled.



The top of the new generation is the large gold of the vessel
A real king who is not a fairy tale character.
Simple Nautilus with 3-needle & date display
That rose gold model.
Specifications that become the first in the history of 180 years reigning to the world's highest peak.
I am grateful for the joy of being able to appreciate the old established new challenges in real time.
RG. Mechanical Automatic.



Even tradition
Touch the times and evolve
Royal Oak Extrathin Skeleton
The answer that the history of Audemars Piguet 140 years led to
Sports luxury.
After all, there is no more dignity than the current watch world.
This machine has evolved into a thin body by tightening the body,
The highlight is the performance of cal.5122 developed for exclusive use. It's tough and smart.
PG. Mechanical Automatic.