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Clock glossary TECHNICAL TERM OF A WATCH Part 1




・ Hand Winding watch

The basic type of mechanical (mechanical) watch, the watch that winds up the power source spring with Hand Winding. The current watch turns the crown attached to the length of the case to wind up the mainspring. The mainspring was invented around 1500 by German Peter Pennline. A portable watch "Neurnberg's Egg" powered by a mainspring has been created. After that, various mechanisms were developed in the United Kingdom and France, and it became an undersea clock that was miniaturized at the end of the 16th century, and in 1810 Breguet made a watch with metal Chain attached to a small watch. Hand Winding watch is a technology established by the pocket watch, characterized by its simple structure, compactness and less breakdown. Early watches moved only a couple of days with one roll up, but recently there are also watches that move about 10 days.



ROLEX / Rolex

Oyster Date 6694 Men's

It becomes Hand Winding model of the champagne dial. Antique clock.

[Distributor] Libero

[Item number] 56-241216036





・ Quartz watch

Seiko uses a watch that uses a regular electrical signal emitted by a quartz oscillator. It became the mainstream of the era in the 1970s. There are two types of Quartz: an analog display type equipped with a motor-driven movement instead of a mechanical watch's mainspring movement, and a digital display type that uses a liquid crystal display on the dial to display numbers and the like. Both types use electricity as a power source and do not have to combine multiple gears as in a mechanical watch, so they can be made smaller and lighter, achieving low cost by mass production. Furthermore, there are various variations such as generating power with the power of a spring by combining it with a rechargeable battery that uses photovoltaic power generation as a power source or with a mechanical watch, and all are characterized by extremely high accuracy in time. You




Prospex Marine Masters Men

Become a SEIKO Solar Powered Quartz watch.

[Distributor] Kura Komaki of Brand Kyo

[Item number] 48-81120090





-Mechanical Automatic watch

The basic structure of the watch is the same as Hand Winding. We adopt a system to wind the mainspring with a rotor (rotating weight). The rotor is usually located on a barrel car containing a spring, and is rotated by shaking an arm equipped with a watch, and its rotational power causes the spring to be established in the 18th century, the founder of Pelle Abrahatem Louis Perelle Invented. The mechanism was called perpetual. However, since there was only a pocket watch at that time, it is unpopular to have to swing the watch to rotate the rotor. In 1920, when watches began to become popular, John Harry Wood of England adopted it for watches. The convenient system, which keeps moving without raising the crown if worn on the arm, quickly became the mainstream of watches.



CARTIER / Cartier

Calibur de Cartier W7100009 Men's

Cartier's first men-only model. It is equipped with in-house production movement "Cal. 1904MC". Pink gold case further enhances the sense of luxury.

[Distributor] Zetton

[Article number] 58-used-4411





・ Radio clock

A radio clock is a clock that has a function to receive standard radio waves (JJ in Japan) and correct the error automatically. Recently, transmitting stations have been installed in various countries. A transmitter called "cesium atomic clock" is installed at the transmitting station. This atomic clock is said to have an error of 1 second per 100,000 years, and there is almost no error. The transmitting station converts the digital signal of the date and time information of this cesium clock into a radio signal and transmits it. In Japan, the two transmission stations in the north cover Owakudaniyama (transmission frequency 40kHZ) in the north and Hagane (transmission frequency) located in the prefectural border between Fukuoka and Saga prefectures cover almost the whole of Japan. The receiver built in the radio-controlled clock reads the signal sent from this transmitting station every fixed time. (The sense of reading is different for each model) The time is automatically adjusted.




Seiko Astron Ti SBXA003 Men's

The world's first Solar Powered GPS watch. Because GPS anywhere you go, you can display the exact time of the present location with one button operation. It corresponds to all 39 time zones in the world.

[Distributor] Libero

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