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· Type of rug

The part that puts a blur rubbing belt or belt on the case is called a lag. There are "loading type", "welding type" with lugs manufactured separately from the case later attached, and "integrated type" for integrating with the case, inside which there is a "no rug" type of attaching the belt directly to the case There also exists. "Welded mold" has strong decorative properties, many of which have thin lugs attached, they create an elegant atmosphere and are often used for dress watches such as jewelry watches. On the contrary, since the "one-piece type" has many thick and large shapes, it is a real robust atmosphere, and it is mainly adopted mainly for sports watches.


Super professional Stainless Steel 840.006 Men's

TAG Heuer Super Professional 1000 m Waterproof Ref. 840.006 Mechanical Automatic black dial USED goods. It is an authentic diver's watch with a waterproof function of 1000 m by adopting an integrated type monocoque case without back cover.

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[Article number] 56-010516076

· Buckle type

We called buckle (clasp, buckle) fastener which fixes shake rubbing belt and belt to arm, and early applied for jewelry shake rubbing and harness use. The oldest form is a "hole clamping type (pin buckle)" that inserts a pin in a hole made in the belt, and still mainstream belt type. There is also a "folding type (deployment)" which does not use a hole, and there are "one open type", "double opening type" etc for blur rubbing.


Portuguese Stainless Steel IW 371446 Men's

The second Mechanical Automatic chronograph is mounted on the 41 mm big case. The completed design is for sale. It is D buckle specification which can be worn with one touch.

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[Article number] 58-used-4399

· Limited number

The limited number is the production number of the limited production watch and it is displayed on the case side and back cover. Normally it is stamped with a serial number that shows the number of production (limited) and what number it was produced. In addition, it often seems to stamp "LIMTED EDITION" showing limited items. Generally, products with lower total production numbers have more rarity value, and even the same watch is said to be more valuable for products with a younger serial number.

ORIS / Oris

Aquis Stainless Steel 733 7653 4183 Men's

【World 2000 limitation only】 Divers model of innovative design using ceramic for Bezel. Waterproof performance is 300 m. It is a lefty where the crown was placed on the opposite side. Maximum 18 cm

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[Article number] 58-used-4397

· Material and shape of draft shield

A wind shield is a glass case that covers a dial. Two types of materials are used, glass and synthetic resin, and recently many artificial sapphire sapphire crystal with very high altitude and mineral glass high in strength even though thin by special processing of glass are used I will. Acrylic glass and special reinforced Plat stick are easy to process with synthetic resin. There are three types of windshields: "dome type" whose center part is bulged, "flat type" without bulge, "box type" which protrudes greatly from Bezel. Because the dome shape has the characteristic of dispersing water pressure, it is often adopted as a diver's watch. In addition, the flat type is used for many watches because it is excellent in visibility and easy to process. The most famous model of "box type" will be Rolex Daytona.

Breguet / Breguet

Aeronabar 18K Yellow Gold 3800 Men's

Black chronograph function is equipped, it is designed to combine power and elegance. It becomes an initial model which does not have the date mechanism, and it becomes individuals with plenty of atmosphere, such as dome type windshield and moderately indexed Sunburn.

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[Article No.] 56-311016083

· Types of breath

The birth of a watch began with a shake rubbing, and in 1810 Breguet used the metal Chain for the first time the wristwatch made in the world. Currently I use Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel), titanium, YG (yellow gold), WG (white gold) etc like the case.

PATEK PHILIPPE / Patek Philippe

Nautilus 18K Yellow Gold 3800 / J Men's

YG made finished model Nautilus arrived. It is very popular with a size that is slightly smaller than the larger-sized new-generation model.

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[Article number] 56-011216065

· Breath's frame type

Blurring rubbing is a combination of small pieces of metal and one piece of metal is called a piece. Although its prototype is metal Chain, pursuing the fittability to the arm and the comfort of comfort, it becomes a flat shape like present, and it produces decorativeness by combining various types of large and small forms I will. Also, the number of frames in the Length sequence is called a series, and there are various types from single (single) to 99.

TUDOR / Tudor

Prince Oyster Date Stainless Steel / YG 72033 Men's

Tudor Prince Oyster Date Ref. 72033 Stainless Steel / YG involvement Stainless Steel / Gold Plated breath Mechanical Automatic champagne dial USED goods. It is a popular model using Rolex company case, crown.

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[Article number] 56-101215002