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Do your best Kumamoto! Do your best Kyushu! ANTIQUE WATCH Antique Roman 's Part 2

In a well-established watch shop in Kumamoto where reconstruction goes on

Blended with standard models and popular models from Japan

In the new flow of domestic antiques

Signs of the trend



Continuation of Part 1




The second watch shop as an antique store is also in good health

By the way, speaking of second watch stores, there are also many new brand / used items handled by overseas luxury brands. There is a reputation for the certainty of the watch to handle. If there is a situation where you can not come to the store directly, there should be a lot of readers who have realized that they are professional even when dealing only with mail order. Mr. Araki, the representative, is also familiar with antique and vintage watches. It is known in the industry as a good eye. There are already collectors and users all over the country who have decided that Araki-san and second-hand watch shop staff will be the guiding role and fulfilling the antique watch taste. No, in recent years there are an increasing number of people coming to the world to check out second-hand antique watches from around the world as well as sightseeing in Kumamoto.





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IWC India

If you convert INGENIEUR into English, it means the engineer. It exhibited high anti-magnetic performance even in harsh environments such as nuclear power plants and related research institutes. The case is a large 36 mm at that time. High visibility in a simple round. Bure Rubbed-T also comes with Gay Flare's genuine IWC. It is a masterpiece of the "Old Inter" era, written in cursive letters as "International Watch Co". Stainless Steel. Mechanical Automatic. Antique. '60s. 896,400 yen







OMEGA Triple Carrender Moonphase

Unlike the current Plated Gold work, the gold bars at this time give a feeling of depth and thickness. The design combining different curves in the case body and rug has an aesthetic and free atmosphere reminiscent of the Art Deco era. The high class watch of the time also equipped with the moon phase to Triple Carrender that the pointer date of the blue letter and the day of the day of the Spanish display are eye-catching. It is 37mm which is large for those days. Stainless Steel (YGF). Hand-rolled. Antique. '50s. 432,000 yen







ROLEX Oyster Precision 6424

Between the left and right lugs is a type called a 20 mm big case. The merit of the big case is that the dial can be enlarged. Regardless of the case diameter 35 mm, it is a powerful dial, a wedge-shaped index is large, and even though it is a dolphin needle of view, it is also a big case where the overall balance is taken. Stainless Steel. Mechanical Automatic. Antique. '60s. 302,400 yen







SHOP Information

Seconds watch store

6-29 Anseicho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture 860-0801, Kumamoto Prefecture

Opening hours 10: 30-20: 00

Regular holiday Tuesday


The antique / vintage of second watch store in Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi is assortment, condition, such almight second watch store that satisfies various types of fans, but it is the domestic antique that pushed these days. Because it is a well-established watch shop, even if it is a model that the manufacturer shows incomprehensible support, it may not have any anxiety at all even in the unlikely event of failure by cooperation between old stock parts and a repair shop with a long history. Although it is fine, but domestically produced ... If you are a watchmaker rooted in the city, antique hobbies will be extended to the famous items of old-fashioned domestic watches



Second-hand watch shop Kazuyuki Araki

Araki-san, who is a second-hand watch store, is not apt to say anything from the standpoint of a watch store, but is also a considerable watch fan. Moreover, since the genre does not matter, we have a collection of various types of wristwatches of a wide range of ages from current products to antiques. This day is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual of the 1950s. "This is a type of unique dial with a case of 9 gold which is hardly used now. I don't hate the recent Rolex, but in this era you can convey a sense of playfulness or designer enjoyment."





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