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About the condition

Brand bargains show the conditions associated with the number of times the product is used according to the following criteria. Please use as a guide when searching for items, such as narrowing down the product list page.

condition Standard set by our company
N Brand new
S unused
SA As good as new
A There is some feeling of use, but goods in good condition
AB Product that some feeling of use, wound, Stain can be seen
B There is a feeling of use, a small and medium wound, Stain is seen
BC There is a feeling of use, small and medium-sized scratches, products that Stain stand out
C There is a considerable feeling of use, scratches, products that stand out Stain

The detailed state other than the above is described in the item description column in the product page.

Please refer to the image below for typical damage listed in the condition. In addition, the image has posted significant damage. (※ about C · D rank)

Shop own rank

Condition rank may be established for each shop. Please refer to "About the store" of each shop for the standard.