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About unauthorized login measures

In order to provide safe service to customers, we have taken measures to prevent unauthorized login and service use. We also hope for your own measures.

Below, we will inform you about measures that you can do yourself.

  • Measures 1: Strict management of e-mail address / password and periodic change of password
    • · Avoid simple strings such as 12345678 or abcdefge, composition of your name, phone number, date of birth only.
    • · It is hard to be guessed by a third party by having a certain length and complexity, such as a combination of alphanumeric symbols of 8 or more letters. In addition, setting a different password from other sites and services will lead to better security.
    • ※ In case of unauthorized use of credit card, please contact the credit card company you use first.
  • Measure 2: Enhance the security of the terminal
    • Computer viruses that steal information and operations of terminals using personal computers, smartphones, etc. are on the rise.
    • It is recommended to strengthen the security of the used terminal, such as the introduction of security software.

In case you are having trouble logging in

  • · Forgot password
    Please enter your e-mail address and telephone number entered at the time of registration from "here if you forget your password", and please reset your password.
  • · I forget my email address and phone number
    Please inquire from the inquiry form.

When you re-register your membership

  • · When you registered as a member in the past, when you register again using a different address, you can not transfer the information such as point migration.
    Please acknowledge it and proceed to member registration again.

About registration, change, and deletion of member information

  • · Member information change and deletion of registration can be set in My page.
  • * If you are logged in, you can correct information from the link below.
  • · To change your membership registration, please click here.
  • · Please click here to delete (unsubscribe) member information.

About the man's watch HEROES points

  • · 1% of the purchased item price (without tax) will be given as Oito's Watch HEROES Point
    The watch's watch HEROES points can be used for shopping after 20 days have passed since the grant date.
    You can check the current point total number and history from My page.
  • · Please refer to usage rules for details.

About payment method

For shopping at the mall, you can choose the payment method with credit card payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery, Paypal, Alipay, UnionPay.

About return / exchange

  • Since the correspondence varies depending on the shop you purchased, please contact directly to the shop you purchased for returns / exchanges.
    For details on how to contact each store, please refer to the e-mail you sent at the time of ordering.

Regarding order confirmation and past purchase history

You can see the confirmation of the order and past purchase history from the purchase history list in My Page (Otoko's wristwatch HEROES members only).

If you are a non-member, please refer to the e-mail that was delivered at the time of purchase, if you have any questions, please contact us from the inquiry page.

  • * When the cancellation and return processing of the order is completed from the store side, the status of purchase history is changed and deleted.
  • ※ If you receive an e-mail with the subject matter "Confirmation of Order Contents" your order has been accepted, so please wait for a while until the purchase history is reflected.

Mail does not arrive

When e-mail does not arrive from the watch's watch HEROES or item purchase store, e-mail reception may be blocked by your terminal or mail settings etc.
Also, it may be sorted into the spam folder, so please check the reception setting.

About order from PC

  • Depending on the mail service being used, it may be set to automatically move incoming mail to "Junk mail folder".
    Please check the settings of your mail service.
    For details of the setting method, please check with the provider and other e-mail service provider.

About orders from mobile phones

  • Such as "Do not receive e-mail from PC", "Receive only e-mail from specified address", etc. of mobile phone being used,
    Reception limit may be applied. Please change the setting so that you can receive mail from "@ watch".
    ※ If you are au's e-mail address (@, please use "spoofing restriction: regulate (low)" setting of junk e-mail filter.
    Furthermore, please confirm from the link at the bottom of this page how to set for each mobile phone company.

Regarding telephone number when ordering

  • If you can not contact the customer by e-mail from the store, we may contact you by phone.
    Please make sure that the telephone number when ordering from the mall is a number that can be contacted during the daytime.
  • * The setting for each mobile phone company is as follows.

  • Please contact us from the inquiry form if you do not solve the problem even if you confirm the above.

    Inquiries about price / goods

    • Please contact us at each shop for inquiries concerning prices and goods. In addition, questions on the entire mall will be received from the inquiry form
    • When making inquiries about ordered items, please specify the order ID.

    Other inquiries about stores

    • If you have any questions about other stores, please contact each store directly from the contact information on the store details page.

    Opinions, questions, inquiries about other malls

    • For other comments, questions, and inquiries about other malls, please contact us from the inquiry form.